About Me
I'm currently pursuing a bachelors in Computer Science at the University of Florida. I have experience in creating full stack applications such as my Calorie Counter Companion web application, and my Historic Stock Trading Volume application. I also have experience in working with databases such as MongoDB, Firebase, and version control systems such as Git and Github.

I have experience with C++, Python, React, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

In my freetime I enjoy cooking as its a passion of mine, stock trading, and working on projects that solve real-world problems.

My Experience


Designing/Building websites

Artificial Intelligence

Creating/Training A.I Models

Data Scientist

Collecting/Analyzing data

Stock Analysis Visualizer

Created web application that analyzes stocks across the global market and recommends a stock for users based off many factors such greeks and volatility.

Calorie Counter Companion

CCC is a web app that contains recipes and caloric information on food. It allows users to create accounts and track their individual caloric intake along with submiting their own recipes.

AI Assistant For The Visually Impaired

Created mobile application that allowed visually impaired individuals

My Skills

Dev Ops

Front End

Back End Databases

Operating Systems


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